Definition Preserve

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to preserve: to maintain, to keep, to conserve, to look after
I'm trying to preserve my dignity so I refuse to take my pants off.


  • "Today we're discussing the state of the environment, and steps that some big companies are taking to preserve the planet."
  • "As one of our patients, your body will be frozen when you die and preserved in cryonic suspension."
  • "Our specialty is the costela: tender beef ribs, roasted slowly to preserve the natural juice of the meat."
  • "I am confident that you will help us preserve our existing client base and provide our clients with excellent customer service, as well as discovering new opportunities for our products."
  • "While Delavigne doesn't have any immediate plans to use corn-based packaging, we are always looking for ways to contribute to preserving the environment."
  • "For $50,000, we can just preserve your head."
  • "But if you want to preserve your reputation as an honorable businessman, you'll do exactly as you're told."

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