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previous (experience): former, earlier, past, prior (experience)
I really got along with my previous partners. They were much easier to work with than my current ones.
In a previous life, Luna was a dolphin. She's convinced she was a dolphin in a past life.

previously: before, formerly, hitherto, in the past, beforehand


  • "Voiceover : Previously, at the Delavigne Corporation: Lucie Lohan, heiress to the Lohan fortune ran away from the company because the staff wouldn't stop singing."
  • "This replaces my previous endeavor of sleeping with as many people as possible."
  • "Any kids from previous marriages or anything?"
  • "Captain Donny Dare, the pilot, was rendered unconscious in a mid-air collision with a large goose, leaving his novice co-pilot, with no previous flight training, the daunting task of landing the plane safely."
  • "Betty was my guide to a sensual world previously unknown to me."
  • "In previous ad campaigns, Outback Cologne has been marketed as an extremely masculine scent for the "outdoorsy", "rugged", "manly" type."
  • "continued from previous page"
  • "Furthermore, I believe my previous experience at Cosmic Cosmetics will prove invaluable at Delavigne."
  • "Caroline : Our sales last year were $72 million, which is a 44% increase on the previous year's."
  • "Granted, personal issues should not interfere with job performance, however it is my firm belief that, given time, Doris will regain her previous productivity."

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