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principal: main, leading, strongest, primary

a principal: a director, a head teacher, a boss (of a school)
We received another letter from your principal today, Freddy. He says that you haven't attended class for a month and that you will be expelled.


  • "Former Principal Buyer"
  • "As you know, I recently had a meeting with some of our principal investors."
  • "I plan to step down from my position as principal buyer for the Perfume Hut immediately."
  • "My name is Barbara Bluff, and I am the principal buyer for the Perfume Hut, a loyal Delavigne retailer for over seven years now."
  • "The San Francisco Ballet is an internationally-renowned troupe of extremely talented dancers, including fabulous ballerinas and principal dancers."
  • "Although the principal industries of the city itself, apparel and textile products, food processing, and shipbuilding, continue to thrive, we must now turn towards private sector enterprises to stimulate our economy even further."

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