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a problem: a difficulty, a dilemma; an issue, a question


  • "I'm sure we'll find many other problems. Looking forward to our first session on Monday."
  • "At our spacious and tranquil retreat, you will find a solution for all your earthly problems. Whether you have a serious alcohol or drug addiction, a troubled marriage, or are just severely disappointed in your gay children, we have a program for you!"
  • "If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it."
  • "King Cheeter's got a big problem."
  • "Embarrassed zoo employees say that killing such "problem animals" is standard procedure, and reported that Shoshana will be given a lethal injection in a private ceremony attended by only a veterinarian and a priest."
  • "I solve problems."
  • "Airport Guy : Uh, look I can see that you guys are having some problems here."
  • "Brian : No, nah, nah, I've got a bit of a problem."
  • "I've got a bit of a delicate problem on my hands, Brian."
  • "-We've got a problem with the black and white Chinese people at the zoo."

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