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to profit (from, by): to benefit, to gain, to make money (from)
I profited from my day off by resting and now feel ready to go back to work.
They profited from his stupidity by tricking him into giving them his credit card details.

a profit: a benefit, a return, a positive result
To make a profit to make more money than one has spent
Gross profit the difference between total revenue from sales and total cost of purchases or materials

profitable: lucrative, money-making, successful, generating money

profitability: the ability (usually of a company) to make money
Pronunciation examples
UK: I profited from my day off by resting.
US: The Delavigne Corporation made a huge profit last year.


  • "Notorious for his astute business sense and suspect business ethics, Mazerati has unveiled plans to triple D&C's profits within 6 years."
  • "The company's revenues amounted to $910 million in 2008, with profits totaling $70 million."
  • "Greenzo: Saving the earth while maintaining profitability."
  • "Horatio : For profit!"
  • "Christmas sales account for as much as 40% of a retail store's annual revenue and as much as 75% of its annual profit."
  • "Bruno : Hmm, I wonder whether it's better to invest our profits in biotech or mutual funds-"
  • "Profits and Losses"
  • "Despite this, CEO Kalvin Krime announced yesterday that "the worst is now over" and predicted an increase in profits next year."

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