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a program (US), a programme (UK): a show on television or radio; a schedule; computer code (example Microsoft Word)

to program (software, an event): to code computer instructions; to plan, schedule or organize an event
To program can also be spelt as to programme.

the programming (of a computer): the coding, the preset instructions and algorithms (of a computer)


  • "Philip : That's a great little poem. My god Marron, your use of poetic imagery is as sloppy as your programming."
  • "My predecessor, Mobu1, told me about this program. I should have listened to him. -Mobu2, Africa."
  • "Tony, in Miami, you're on the "Call Donna" program."
  • "Our beloved director of sales, and ex-president of Cheeterland, Philip Cheeter, recently completed a unique weekend seminar as part of Delavigne Corp's training program. Here's a excerpt from a recent e-mail exchange between the two of us"
  • "At our spacious and tranquil retreat, you will find a solution for all your earthly problems. Whether you have a serious alcohol or drug addiction, a troubled marriage, or are just severely disappointed in your gay children, we have a program for you!"
  • "Remember, I have 2000 massage programs to choose from, including a happy ending algorithm."
  • "I attended 4 out of 5 sessions before I had to invade Poland, but I'm sure that if I had finished the program, it would have made a big difference -Adolph H, Germany."
  • "Donna : Good evening everyone and welcome back to the "Call Donna Program" on Radio Rhubarb."
  • "Philip seems very satisfied with his training, so now I urge each of you to pursue a training program which will be beneficial not only to you, but the company as well."
  • "We would prefer not to expel you from the program, as your money means a lot to us."

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