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to promise: to swear, to commit to something in the future

a promise: a declaration, a commitment to do something in the future

promising: likely to succeed in the future
Pronunciation examples
UK: The weather doesn't look very promising for our picnic.
US: I promise to be a good boy.
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  • "Horatio : At Joan's grave, I promised to hunt 'Sharky' across the seven seas."
  • "We promise that we will try"
  • "I promise you won't regret your choice."
  • "I promised her that I would bring Democracy, her daughter, to a small country."
  • "(to hold out for) pie in the sky - (to wait for) a reward promised for the future, like a delicious dessert waiting for you in heaven"
  • "So bring me your babies, just label them clearly so that I know which one belongs to whom. No one will get hurt, I promise."
  • "After complaining about the weather for half an hour, she told me that she recently handed over a cheque for £90,000 to a 'nice young man', and that in exchange he promised to re-plaster the ceiling in her sitting room. I'm no expert on re-plastering, but this seems like a rather large sum of money."
  • "The Love Boat promises something for everyone."
  • "Steffi : I promise, Philip."

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