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to promote: to create publicity or advertising; to assign to a higher position
to promote a new product
to be promoted is to move to a better job

a promotion: an act of raising in rank or position
For your good work, I’m giving you a promotion.


  • "The most common way to become a manager is to be given a promotion, often at the expense of your colleagues who think they deserve the position more than you."
  • "Their goal is to promote teamwork and develop "skill sets" which will help us become more confident, more efficient and more focused on the well-being of the entire organization."
  • "A short jingle with original lyrics and music to promote Delavigne perfumes."
  • "I've also renewed our contract with Ivana Bümbüm and she will continue to promote Delavigne perfumes for the next four years."
  • "Maybe you can be promoted to manager after all."
  • "The Art of Promotion"
  • "So Delavigne wants me to write a book that promotes your perfumes?"
  • "One solution may be increasing discounts and promotions this year."
  • "Indigo Motel is selling shares on their website, and I just bought a ton of them. As soon as they raise $150,000 they'll use that money to record, promote and distribute their first album. As a shareholder, I will receive a cut of all sales and licensing."
  • "Lots of talent, but you need to have the right agent to promote you, otherwise you'll never make it in Hollywood."

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