Definition Prove

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to prove (one's efficiency): to demonstrate, to show (one's efficiency)

(The exercise) proved to be (difficult): (The exercise) was, turned out to be (difficult)

to disprove (a theory): to refute (a theory)


  • "But this card should prove my age!"
  • "In spite of my blinding rage and abiding contempt for you, my yoga guru has advised me that expressing myself to you via a letter may prove therapeutic, which is why I am penning the present missive from my retreat, high atop the Himalayan peaks."
  • "My name's Kinky Horseman, and if you can sing, dance or make jokes, this is the place to prove it!"
  • "I've got the blood tests to prove it!"
  • "Scientists prove that puppies are softer than kittens"
  • "This Thursday, six hard rock bands will each be given 15 minutes to prove that they're the next big thing."
  • "Furthermore, I believe my previous experience at Cosmic Cosmetics will prove invaluable at Delavigne."
  • "Fisherman : Prove it."
  • "Brian : Well, that's never been proved!"
  • "As for your dog Stink, I can prove he's crazy."

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