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quality: excellence, distinction (nouns); excellent, high-standard, superior (adjectives)
noun, adjective
This is some quality work. This is some excellent, high-standard work.
the quality of life the level of life (how good or bad one's life is)


  • "Thank you in advance for helping us improve the quality of our service."
  • "Hannah : And we can't afford to sacrifice quality by letting just any site sell our products."
  • "How do you expect me to produce a work of quality in such little time?"
  • "I inspect the quality of finished goods"
  • "Wang desires to make Chinese goods synonymous with quality and class, not just mass production'."
  • "Its timeless design represents the enduring qualities of the Delavigne range."
  • "I'm not expecting you to be 'a shoulder to cry on', but I'm convinced that, with a little bit of tact and consideration, we will see an enormous, and immediate, improvement in the quality of Doris's work."
  • "This success is a testament to the solid nature of our business model, the flawless implementation of our strategies, the hard work of our staff, and the excellent quality of our products."
  • "I thought that you would make a very convincing Al Capone (because of your natural leadership qualities and also your morphology)."
  • "Iconic fashion house Dulce and Carpaccio is renowned for its cutting-edge style and fine quality, but what had set the company apart was its rich tradition."

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