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rather: preferably, instead, more willingly; quite, somewhat
I would rather meet you on Sunday than Saturday. It would be much easier for me.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I would rather see you on Sunday than Saturday.
US: I am feeling rather hungry. Can I have a cake?


  • "Brian : Just a minute, sir, I'm in the middle of a rather important conference call with Europe."
  • "That could be rather expensive."
  • "I have a rather personal question to ask you."
  • "As I get older, however, I must admit, my feelings on family have changed, rather dramatically in fact."
  • "After complaining about the weather for half an hour, she told me that she recently handed over a cheque for £90,000 to a "nice young man", and that in exchange he promised to re-plaster the ceiling in her sitting room. I'm no expert on re-plastering, but this seems like a rather large sum of money."
  • "That's rather potent."
  • "Given the way things degenerated in last year's interview process, I'd rather leave things in your capable hands this time round."
  • "Rather, food manufacturers will be legally obliged to show a gruesome image of an obese person."
  • "I wish you luck with this rather special assignment!"
  • "I'd much rather travel with the people."

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