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to reach: to arrive at, to attain, to achieve
We have reached our goal of selling 100 computers a day.

to reach somebody (by telephone): to contact, to communicate with, to get through to somebody (by telephone)

to reach for (a bottle of wine): to stretch your arm for, to move towards (a bottle of wine)
Pronunciation examples
UK: You can reach me on my mobile phone.
US: Have they reached an agreement yet?


  • "In that case, you need to take this lift down to the ground floor, go across the hall until you reach a big door."
  • "Brent : Have you reached an agreement with the IFC?"
  • "I am unable to reach you by telephone, so I am writing you this e-mail in regards to a patient who checked in at 3 AM this morning."
  • "Dave : Okay, let me get this straight: take the lift down to the ground floor, cross the hall until I reach a big door."
  • "Atlantean president Aquaman could not be reached for comment."
  • "We've finally reached the jewel room, where I keep my jewels."
  • "Bruno : Brent, I'm happy to say that we have in fact reached an agreement with the International Fruit Concern, and that Miracle Juices now belongs to them."
  • "Telephone : If it's urgent, you can try to reach him on his cell phone"
  • "Feel the thrust of a rocket motor reaching Mach 3 as you fly beyond the Earth's atmosphere."
  • "I am confident that by working together we can reach new heights in customer service!"

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