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to recycle (a bottle): to reprocess (a bottle); to use (a bottle) again


  • "Even as we speak, I am recycling plastics."
  • "And he's helping us with our paper recycling system. He's very efficient at chewing confidential financial reports and, oh, he's just pooed on me!"
  • "Christmas Card recycling box."
  • "After Christmas, I shall be putting recycling bins throughout the office, in order to recycle what is left of your gift wrapping and Christmas cards."
  • "We were cited in a few local newspapers for our participation in recycling and tree-planting programs."
  • "A cool glass of rainwater, perhaps, with some nice organic tomatoes served on recycled plates?"
  • "Step 4 - Wrap it using recycled wrapping paper."
  • "You are still recycling your plastics, like I instructed?"
  • "Like most companies, we've already introduced the quick fixes: paper recycling, energy-saving light bulbs, reductions to our photocopying and printer use, that sort of thing."
  • "It would also be a good idea to place recycling bins throughout the office, because even though Christmas is a time of giving, it is also a time of recycling."

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