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to rehabilitate (or rehab): to restore to a good state of condition; to help to re-adapt
Luna will spend the summer in south east Asia rehabilitating reefs damaged by the tsunami.
a drug rehab center

Pronunciation examples
UK: It's about time I checked myself into a rehabilitation clinic.
US: Luna works part-time rehabilitating injured wild animals.
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  • "Susie : Finally, you're going to found the Warbuckle's Mountain Bear Rehabilitation Clinic."
  • "Located in a secret offshore location to cut costs and hurt the global economy, your rehabilitation takes place entirely online."
  • "Royal Rehab® can help!"
  • "Royal Rehab® is the world's most unique rehabilitation center, with over 5000 years of experience turning kingly cruelties into tiny transgressions!"
  • "I think that my new mountain bear rehabilitation clinic will give sick and injured bears a chance for better health."
  • "Robot : Welcome to Royal Rehab, your simple solution to becoming a better leader."
  • "A two year volunteer program to help rehabilitate convalescent marine mammals"
  • "Chapter 6: Ice cream addiction and rehabilitation"
  • "Luna, just finished my weekend session at Royal Rehab."

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