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reliable: dependable, responsible, trustworthy
Is he a reliable witness? Can we depend on him to tell the truth?
The tip came from a reliable source. This person is very dependable and always tells the truth.

Pronunciation examples
UK: You see that man over there? He's the most reliable worker in the company.
US: He drinks a bottle of whisky before coming to work - or so I heard from a reliable source.
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  • "So, I'd like you to find us a good, reliable and affordable agency."
  • "Fiona : And this is a reliable way of safeguarding information?"
  • "Alice Gray : Well, I'm reliable, hardworking, efficient and, above all, I'm an excellent cleaner."
  • "Must be cool under pressure, stress-resistant, work well both independently and within a team. We are looking for a detail-oriented, reliable and experienced team leader."
  • "Hannah is a motivated and reliable worker."
  • "They want to travel in a reliable vehicle and look good doing it."
  • "Messages in bottles are not the most reliable form of correspondence, but as my camp is patrolled by French guards, there is no shortage of empty wine bottles."

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