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to be responsible for: to be in charge of, to be accountable for, to control
Note that "responsible" is never used as a noun in English, and cannot be applied to "someone who is in charge" or "a manager" of a department.

a responsibility: a duty, a commitment, an obligation
Pronunciation examples
UK: One day I will grow up and be responsible, but not yet.
US: To this day I don't know who was responsible for putting goats in my garden.


  • "How will Jones balance the needs of Europe with his responsibilities as a special assistant in San Francisco?"
  • "According to scientists, the aviation industry is responsible for around 3.5% of man-made climate change."
  • "Responsibility and management of a customer support department"
  • "Are you sure you want that responsibility?"
  • "Philip : Hannah, do you want that responsibility?"
  • "Naturally, we'll be needing a manager for this team: his or her responsibilities will include fielding phone calls, and training and managing the staff of this new department."
  • "How will this unique situation affect the president's responsibilities to his continent?"
  • "Primary responsibilities include answering incoming customer calls and managing a small staff of telephone hotline personnel."
  • "Responsible for product support for sales partners and clients"

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