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retail (sales): commerce, small-scale sales, (sales) to end customers
noun, adjective
retail trade selling products directly to the final customer

to retail (at): to be sold (at); to cost, to have the commercial price (of)
This bracelet retails at $4,000.

retailer: seller, someone who sells to the general public
The retailers are angry with us because we forgot to send them the new stock.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I would rather die than work in retail.
US: This cologne retails at 900 dollars per bottle.


  • "Retailers are starting to realize that it is better to sell low than not sell at all."
  • "So, I wanted to talk to you about the Christmas retail sales."
  • "Hannah Benedict - Head of Retail"
  • "Category Retailer"
  • "Promotional material will be sent to Delavigne's most important customers and retailers."
  • "Some of my retail reports are quite worrying."
  • "The idea of a company art collection was first proposed to me by head of retail, Hannah Benedict, and I have decided to throw my full weight behind it."
  • "Drop in spending threatens gloomy Christmas for retailers"
  • "This should be a great time to be in the retail business."
  • "Retail sales typically increase 50-70% in the three months leading up to December 31st."

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