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to retire (from a job, from an activity): to stop working (in a job), usually around the age of 60-65; to stop doing (an activity)

retirement: the period of time after stopping work; withdrawal, retreat


  • "and today's mighty hangover, I've decided to retire from perfume development, effective immediately."
  • "PS: The one shareholder who decided to defect is Bobby Ray McDonald, a 74-year old retired army lieutenant and gun enthusiast from Jericho, Texas."
  • "The company matches your contribution to a savings account monthly until you retire."
  • "But I'm retired now, and I travel around and instruct people on enjoying life."
  • "The reclusive Patrice, who retired from activity in 2002, is credited with many breakthroughs both in couture and in the fashion business."
  • "The money you contribute doesn't go to today's old people, no: it's placed into a pension fund where it will grow until you collect it when you retire."
  • "They can live more than 200 years, but most of them retire at 65!"
  • "Retiring at 45 sounds."

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