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to ride (a horse, a bicycle, a motorcycle): to travel on (a horse, a bicycle, a motorcycle)
I've never ridden a horse in my life. I've never sat on one and traveled on it before.

This is an irregular verb:
I ride / I rode / I have ridden

a ride: a journey, a trip, an excursion, an outing; a free journey in a car; a machine in an amusement park
It's a five-minute bike ride from work to my home. It takes me five minutes traveling on my bike.
Can you give me a ride? Can you take me to work in your car? I don't have any money to pay for a taxi.

to go for a ride (in a car): to take a drive, to travel around (in a car)
Pronunciation examples
UK: Can I offer you a ride home?
US: I've never ridden a motorcycle, but yesterday I rode a horse.


  • "(Ride horses)"
  • "We're going for a little ride!"
  • "Horatio : Eat a hippopotamus, ride a pigeon."
  • "Harold : This is the longest elevator ride I ever took in my life!"
  • "Thursday : Sources report that the jet setting juice juggernaut was partying hard in the underwater city of Atlantis , riding sea horses and organizing illegal dolphin fights."
  • "But we mostly ride horses"
  • "- The unicorns are for riding, not for eating."
  • "Can I ride her out of the store?"
  • "Ride a whale while wearing a cowboy hat."
  • "Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long."

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