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(human) rights: (human) justice and freedom, civil liberties; entitlement, authority
You are within your rights. It's quite correct for you to take that action.
civil rights the rights that each person has in a society, whatever their race, sex or religion

to have the right: to be allowed, to be permitted (to do something)
I have the right to know the truth. You owe it to me to tell me what happened.
You have no right to insult me like this. Your behavior is absolutely unacceptable.


  • "You have the right to remain silent."
  • "Should any submissions be accepted for the ad, a waiver must be signed by the artist giving the company rights to feature it."
  • "Unless this contract is signed (in duplicate) by tomorrow, we will be forced to withdraw our 2.5 million dollar offer for the branding rights."
  • "The Democrats are also sometimes called "liberals", which originally referred to their strong support of individual rights and liberties."
  • "Police : Do you understand your rights as I've explained them to you?"
  • "Globalization may signal the end for the traditional American union, but workers' rights are far from dead."
  • ""The May Day protesters are calling for a reform of the US immigration policy, universal health care, improved workers' rights and an end to all wars instigated by the US."
  • "Leonard : The May Day march is our chance to demand better rights as workers, and Bruno is standing in our way!"
  • "Nigel Pilkington : I am prepared to pay top dollar for the right to sell your perfumes."
  • "Nigel Pilkington : Mr. Delavigne, I would like the right to distribute your perfumes in my stores."

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