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to rise: to go up, to increase, to ascend, to climb
Don't confuse the past participle rose with the noun a rose, which is a pretty, fragrant flower.

This is an irregular verb:
I rise / I rose / I have risen

on the rise: (to be) increasing, growing, augmenting

the rise (and fall of an empire): the good times, the golden age (and the bad times of an empire)

a pay rise: an increase in salary

(Please) rise (for the national anthem): (Please) stand up (for the national anthem)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I rose early this morning in order to have a shower.
US: Crime rates in Burma are on the rise.


  • "So, now, as my first act as King of Cheeterland, please rise to sing your new national anthem."
  • "Your stunning progress in grammar has risen prodigiously over mere months, and you have finally mastered the present perfect tense, which has only drawn me closer to you."
  • "Productivity will rise"
  • "Announcer : Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the national anthem."
  • "New York City: the homeless population has risen to a record level: over 300,000 people are sleeping in the streets."
  • "Edward : Um, no, actually that means that you should give me a substantial pay rise."
  • "Stock is currently trading at $55 a share, but rising fast."
  • "The market has been driven by an exchange rate that has risen above two dollars to the British pound for the first time since the early 1980s."
  • "For some time now, I have admired your rising assiduity, which I sometimes call your "participation rate"."
  • "Today we're going to talk about the rising problem of unemployment in the US."

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