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(I love) rugby!: (I love) the sport where two teams try to score points by carrying an oval ball across a line or kicking it over and between an H-shaped set of posts


  • "We're known for our dairy products, wildlife, stunning natural beauty, and our outstanding rugby team."
  • "The rugby world seems to be split into two camps: those teams in the Northern hemisphere and those originating from the South, notably the South Africans, the Australians and the legendary All Blacks from New Zealand."
  • "Rupert : Why do rugby fans have such a spirit of fair-play?"
  • "Other notes: Enjoys politics, beer, rugby and breakdancing."
  • "Rugby fan : Well, apart from the obvious geographical reasons, there does seem to be a sense of unity that transcends national boundaries."
  • "Rugby fan : I can't put my finger on it exactly, but the sport itself remains loyal to its gentlemanly roots."
  • "This kind of thing is common in rugby."
  • "So there we have it, rugby is indeed a sport on the rise."
  • "Who knew a 90-year old woman was so good at rugby?"
  • "It's clear that you have mastered the ins and outs of the British pub, so I don't think you'll experience any cultural problems. I was amazed when you stood on the table and sang Abba songs with members of a women's rugby team. While this kind of behaviour may not be acceptable in front of your client, I'm sure you'll go down well with English girls!"

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