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safe: secure, protected, out of danger; prudent, sure
I feel safe in your arms, like no one can ever hurt me.
safe and sound secure, in good health, out of danger

The safety measures of all planes have been modified since September 11th.
safety security

safely without danger, securely, without risk

a safe: a secure, strong metal container used to store valuable items such as cash and jewelry
A safe is provided for you in each of our suites, so if you need to keep something safe you can place it in there.


  • "I'm safe."
  • "What's a safe investment these days, anyway?"
  • "This is a safe place."
  • "Rupert : The pirates are demanding a ransom of $2 million for the safe return of the hostages, believed to be a couple in their thirties."
  • "Have a safe and happy afternoon"
  • "How can I help make your home safer?"
  • "These countries may be safe from now on: British home buyers seem to have set their sights on the USA."
  • "Flying is simple, affordable, fun and safe."
  • "Bruno : Happy Holidays and a very safe and healthy New Year, Gymglish users."
  • "One of the cheapest, safest, and most sociable ways of traveling within the United States is the Greendog network of buses."

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