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sales: the exchange of products or services for money
a salesman a person whose job is to encourage customers to buy a product or service

The sales are also the periods of the year when products retail at cheaper, discount prices.

the sales team, the sales staff: the employees responsible for selling goods or purchases

sales are up (10%): there has been an (of 10%) increase in products or services sold


  • "If we don't get it right, it could SERIOUSLY damage Delavigne's sales next year!"
  • "Our beloved director of sales, and ex-president of Cheeterland, Philip Cheeter, recently completed a unique weekend seminar as part of Delavigne Corp's training program. Here's a excerpt from a recent e-mail exchange between the two of us"
  • "Despite gloomy financial forecasts for its competitors, the perfume giant is set to have one of their most successful Christmases ever with sales up 15% since this time last year."
  • "Top 5 perfume sales worldwide, 35 years straight."
  • "He was training Samantha – the new girl in the sales department."
  • "Director of Sales"
  • "My name is Cheeter, Philip Cheeter: Director of sales at the Delavigne Corporation, generous, dynamic lover, and most recently, super effective FBI agent."
  • "Sales are through the roof!"
  • "Head of Sales"

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