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a sample, a sampling: an example, a model, an illustration, a specimen
The scientists brought back samples of the interesting species they found.
We need a sample of your DNA to find out whether you are the murderer.
We will provide you with sample questions in order to help you prepare for the test. They will be examples similar to what you will see on the real exam.

to sample: to try, to test, to taste
I sampled every chocolate in the store. I had a taste of each different variety.
Why don't you sample our product for a week, free of charge?


  • "I've included a sample of this week's menus to give you an idea of what I'm talking about."
  • "Here is a brief sampling of dreams from our lists"
  • "We do not understand why you submitted this sample."
  • "It's a great chance to sample traditional English food!"
  • "Wine woman : The next wine we'll be sampling is from our excellent vintage of 1991."
  • "Steffi : Well, I admit that the samples we received were a success with the buying commission, our compliments to the creator."
  • "Sample 2 : Bruno Delavigne X Sarah Delavigne"
  • "Enclosed in this pack are some samples taken from the Classic Collection campaign: our key image in Saudi Arabia, and its equivalent in France for comparison."
  • "Sample 3 : Brian Jones X Bruno Delavigne"
  • "Sample 1 : Danica Delavigne X Bruno Delavigne"

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