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to save money: to budget, to economize; to put money aside for the future
I saved $500 by flying coach instead of first class.

to save up money to accumulate, to put away (in a savings account)

Philip finally saved up enough money to buy a Ferrari.


  • "I've switched off the central heating to save a bit of cash, so it's a bit chilly, but I've got plenty of blankets, and a cup of Irish coffee will warm you right up."
  • "All signs indicate that outsourcing is providing an enormous economic service for western corporations, permitting them to save time and money by subcontracting their production to offshore companies."
  • "I'm trying to tell you about my sexual escapades, and all you can think about is how you would have saved a few dollars."
  • "Of course, I had to fly into Liverpool, then take a bus into Manchester, then a train to London and then fly into New York and again over to San Francisco, but I saved almost $200!"
  • "These companies are saving millions each year on application development and maintenance, and of course personnel costs."

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