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to say: to state, to speak, to remark, to declare
He said he was coming - he should be here soon.

This is an irregular verb:
I say / I said / I have said

Say... (or "Let's say..."): Hey..., Tell me... Let me know...; Let's assume...
Say, are you free Friday night? If so, let's go out for a drink.
You'll need, say, three hours to finish this job; that should be enough time.

(Could you) say it again?: (Could you) repeat that?


  • "Bruno : I was saying that I enjoy the company of males."
  • "Don't say that."
  • "My father once said, a dying British man will shoot you while you're trying to rob an airport."
  • "Anyway, what were you saying?"
  • "Careful what you say Fat Face, the cops could be listening!"
  • "Bruno : I said 'sometimes I keep a pen'."
  • "So what I'm about to say to you is very important, you understand, because I'm dying."
  • "Why would I say that?"
  • "Susie : I'm fine, I just keep misunderstanding what you're saying to me."
  • "They call him that cause he says everything 3 times."

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