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Scandinavia: the area of Northern Europe that includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland

a Scandinavian: a person who comes from Scandinavia


  • "Jonas : Well, the quality of life in Scandinavia is excellent, but we are especially proud of our welfare system. Each Scandinavian country provides excellent health care for its inhabitants."
  • "We're here with our Scandinavian correspondent Jonas Jensen."
  • "Brent : Jonas, next question: What's so special about Scandinavia?"
  • "It's where we test your knowledge of the region of Scandinavia in 30 seconds or less."
  • "I hope you'll come back soon with more information about the fascinating nation of Scandinavia."
  • "Jonas : Actually Brent, Scandinavia is a region made up of several countries, generally Norway, Denmark and Sweden."
  • "You do seem to know a lot about Scandinavia though."
  • "Mostly Scandinavian, but there was one from Vietnam."
  • "(English-speaking and Scandinavian mostly)"
  • "For more information on this Scandinavian powerhouse, we turn to Swedish correspondent Bjorn Larsson."

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