Definition Scare

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to scare (someone): to frighten, to terrify, to make someone feel afraid
The film really scared me.

to give somebody a scare: to frighten, to scare suddenly

to be scared (of something): to be afraid of, to fear (something)
I am scared of ghosts.
You look scared.

scary: frightening, causing fear, a person or situation that makes you feel afraid
That film was very scary.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Are you scared of spiders?
US: I saw a very scary horror film the other day.


  • "It was quite scary."
  • "You are scaring them."
  • "Scared of trees."
  • "Democracy has already been to Kazakhstan, and England is a scary, undeveloped country that we should avoid at all costs."
  • "Mrs Brady drove on the wrong side of the road, and I was too scared to go surfing because they say there are many monsters in Cornwall."
  • "Eccentric interviewer, scared of mice"
  • "It's not that I'm scared of committing to Betty, it's just that with my history I'm afraid it might be impossible."
  • "and you never wore clothes, it was scary."
  • "Joan Wayne attempted to scare the shark by firing at its dorsal fin, then challenged the shark to a duel, running into the water with pistols drawn."

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