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a scientist: an expert who works in one of the sciences


  • "Dinosaurs , which were proven to be much smaller than scientists originally thought."
  • "Scientists unveil new deterrent against bird flu"
  • "Scientists estimate that the web's carbon footprint (the CO2 it produces) is growing at around 10% per year, which could be bad news for internet giants such as Moogle, Microtosh, and YouLube."
  • "Scientists in the future will probably be able to grow you a new body."
  • "Scientists prove that puppies are softer than kittens"
  • "I'm Brent Vanderplop and today we'll try to answer a question that scientists have debated for ages: what is the difference between New Zealand and Australia?"
  • "According to scientists, the aviation industry is responsible for around 3.5% of man-made climate change."
  • "A team of French scientists is claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against the avian influenza virus (or 'bird flu'): a bird-sized scarf made of wool."
  • "Scientists won't shut up about how valuable it is to replenish your energy with a complete sleep cycle."
  • "Those same scientists predict that this figure is likely to increase in coming years."

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