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a setting: an environment, a location, a locale; a configuration, a position
This is the perfect setting for a romantic date, it's such a lovely location.
Turn the washing machine to the highest setting. It's the configuration that washes clothes with the hottest water.

the settings (technical term): the technical parameters

to set (an objective): to establish, to define (an objective)


  • "Participated in setting sales objectives"
  • "They are setting an example for other businesses through the introduction of green-roof technology and carbon reduction labelling;"
  • "I think we could all use a little break to get to know each other in a different setting than the office."
  • "The airline is set to revolutionise the low-cost airline industry, setting new standards in price, comfort, service and destination options."
  • "You wisely modified the settings on PhilipBot's personality console from "Insufferable" to "Tolerable", which has led to far fewer complaints from SusieBot."

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