Several times

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(I've been arrested) several times (by the police): (I've been arrested) at many points, on more than one occasion (by the police)

about a thousand times (a month): roughly a thousand occasions, more or less a thousand moments (a month)


  • "You shot Tony Three Times."
  • "When I can go therapy two times a day"
  • "You shot Tony Three Times. three times."
  • "I've been divorced three times in 10 years."
  • "Tony Three Times : What happened?"
  • "Tomorrow morning I have to finish an interim financial report, and Kevin still hasn't gotten back to me with the figures I need from the factories in Asia, and I already asked him eight times, and Bruno's going to be furious if the finished report isn't on his desk by 12."
  • "I've already sneezed several times on this form. Sorry."
  • "I told you one hundred times that you can't bring snakes on a plane!"
  • "This happened three times (yes, three!"
  • "In the interest of research, I have travelled from London to Paris and back three times in the past three weeks, using three different modes of transport."

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