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a shipment: a sending, a cargo, a load, an order
Has the shipment arrived yet? We sent it last week.

to ship (something): to send, to dispatch, to transport (something)


  • "But the problem is the next shipment out of Southampton isn't for four weeks."
  • "The next shipment is scheduled for four weeks' time."
  • "If this is regarding a shipment of tarantulas, please press 1."
  • "Well, you could put the shipment on a ferry and send it to Calais."
  • "Have you received our shipment?"
  • "A shipment of perfume was being transported to São Paulo when the accident occurred."
  • ""I'm afraid we are currently experiencing cash-flow problems and will not be able to pay for the shipment of perfumes until next month."
  • "Thanks to a stroke of brilliance on my part, a shipment of Bruno's Brew is now on its way to our Sales Affiliate in Brazil."
  • "Roberto dos Santos de Espiritu de Jesus was so relieved to receive the shipment that he decided to buy three times as many units at a higher price than before."
  • "Perhaps there's a shipment to Brazil out of France in the next few days."

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