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a shortage: not enough of something, a lack, a deficiency, a deficit
The shortage of food prevented us from eating healthily. There was not enough food for everyone.
There's a severe shortage of toilet paper in the bathroom today. We need to buy some more.

there is no shortage of (champagne): there is lots of (champagne), we are not lacking (champagne)


  • "August 21st : Error message came up on the main terminal regarding a shortage of memory."
  • "Messages in bottles are not the most reliable form of correspondence, but as my camp is patrolled by French guards, there is no shortage of empty wine bottles."
  • "In early February, hungry pandas stormed the gates of their Beijing enclosure, presumably due to a bamboo shortage."
  • "America is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, and there's no shortage of people wanting to make big money fast, but if you're smart, you'll make your money the old-fashioned way, with hard work and dedication."

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