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to show: to display, to present, to exhibit, to demonstrate, to indicate, to reveal
Did I show you my scar? It is covered by my underpants at the moment, but I can show it to you if you want.
-What movies are they showing? -They are showing an old Hitchcock movie on screen 1, and on screen 2 it's the new Jim Carey movie.

a show: a performance, a play, a program, a broadcast, an exhibition
What a great show!


  • "Bruno : Horatio, show me all of Delavigne's major perfumes from the last 10 years."
  • "I‘ll show you the basics."
  • "Today I will show you the results of my baby testing experiments."
  • "You seem to show a definite preoccupation with men and women hugging and kissing."
  • "Though you still show much difficulty respecting our ‘no touching' rule, you have demonstrated great progress in the following areas"
  • "Every comedy show has already parodied every Aaron Sorkin trope: the walking and talking."
  • "Show me kitten face!"
  • "Our recap will show you just how deranged this wealthy weirdo has become!"
  • "Now, you gonna show me some poses, Edward?"
  • "I thought that returning to the continent would bring me closer to my roots, instead it has shown me the terrifying consequences of disrupting the European Union."

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