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(I'm) single : (I'm) not in a relationship; (I) don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend
Is Bruno single? Does Bruno have a girlfriend or boyfriend?
a singles bar a bar for single people to meet

single: individual, undivided, separate, distinct
a single room a room for one person


  • "After three weeks, there wasn't a single bottle left in our warehouses."
  • "We have intelligence that points to a single suspect: an Amazonian national named Horatio Oléré, living in the San Francisco area."
  • "Tragically, Philip died single."
  • "I'm a single, 19-year-old boy looking to rent a room in a friendly apartment."
  • "Philip : Was a single lump of coal"
  • "Anyway, so God, are you single?"
  • "Single or divorced?"
  • "We're trying to rebrand Outback Cologne as a scent that also appeals to urban individuals, university students, young professionals, people who frequent bars and cafés and single men on the dating scene."
  • "I am an undertaker and a single, straight male."
  • "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a high-stress job, must be suffering negative health consequences."

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