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the skin: the natural outer layer which covers a person, animal, fruit, etc.
You have beautiful skin Mister Chang! You have a wonderful complexion.
snakeskin boots boots made from the skin of a snake


  • "He has all the marks of the Brexit: His pale skin!"
  • "Edward : I'm rubbing your skin!"
  • "A cardboard box containing a kind of primitive weapon was found next to 3 live poisonous spiders, the skin of 6 hallucinogenic frogs, and 14 bottles of whiskey."
  • "Susie : Put it on your skin now!"
  • "Sure, she was popular, had nice skin, and a pony named Penelope, but really, was she happy?"
  • "Let's take another crack at naming this skin cream. Just a reminder, the cream is refreshing."
  • "Jamaican girl : Rub my skin."
  • "Philip : But I always thought that aliens had green skin and big eyes and triangle heads, and watched the XXX-files, and you know, abducted humans and stuff."
  • "to find a perfume or a skin cream!"
  • "You can see me in the parts of the body where the skin is thin, and I look blue!"

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