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slightly: a little bit, in some degree, rather, somewhat, to some extent
I'm slightly drunk right now, but I still think you're beautiful. I've only had one glass of beer so I'm only a little bit drunk!

(a) slight (difference): (a) small, minimal; trivial, unimportant (difference)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I still feel slightly angry towards the man who broke my heart.
US: We had a slight difference of opinion, but it was nothing serious.


  • "That's why we've decided to slightly increase the budgets of each department and continue to invest."
  • "Donna : Highs in the low 20's, slight chance of rain."
  • "Brian : Um, well um… actually I do have quite a slight preference for…"
  • "The perplexed shark hesitated slightly before biting the victim in two."
  • "Genteel manners, impeccable grooming, a slightly flamboyant dress sense, a love of theatre - all the hallmarks of an English gentleman - are frowned upon in a post-Brexit Europe."
  • "However, he's slightly too friendly and helpful."
  • "I feel slightly less lonely."
  • "No one was hurt during the revolution but the country did record its first ever act of violence when the former President's bodyguard was slightly pushed."
  • "Needless to say, she was slightly concerned when she saw that this "omelet" was frozen, and then defrosted in the microwave."
  • "and spread your legs slightly."

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