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slow: not fast; not intelligent
Horatio is slow at responding to e-mails; it always takes at least 3 days to get a reply from him.

to slow or to slow down: to decelerate, to reduce speed
This extra weight is slowing me down: I will have to leave some things behind if I am going to reach the top of the mountain before tomorrow.
Slow down! You are speaking so fast I can't understand you.


  • "Driving too slow?"
  • "If you'll just let me explain the reason for our slower growth this quarter, I'm sure you'll see that it's just temporary."
  • "AFS machine : But times are tough, the economy is slow"
  • "Stephanie : Well, they do have a very slow metabolism, and it takes them hours to digest."
  • "The outsourcing boom shows no signs of slowing: India, China and the Philippines have been targets for western businesses for some time now."
  • "The slower growth this quarter is mainly due to new hirings."
  • "Bruno : I got tired of Brian Jones, he was a good worker but he needed to consume food and water regularly, which slowed me down."

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