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sometime: one day, in the future, one of these days, at some point
You should come over sometime, how about next week?
I'll be there sometime after 4 pm when I leave work.

Take care to not confuse this with sometimes (from time to time, occasionally).


  • "Belinda : Oh, I'd love to see your work sometime Brent."
  • "We'll meet sometime next week, and I'll give you my conclusions."
  • "Why don't you drop me an e-mail so we can get together sometime?"
  • "Due to an unfortunate oversight on Polly's part (she has since been chastised), this wasn't noticed until today, roughly five and half months since the two of you joined the team. What I'm saying is that you two must visit company physician Dr. Bob Loblaw sometime within the next two weeks."
  • "Betty : I'd like to hear it sometime."
  • "In a surprising announcement yesterday, a spokesman for the tiny island nation of Zirconda expressed the country's desire to join the European Union as a member country sometime in 2015."
  • "Hannah : Well you really should visit sometime."
  • "Would you mind if my accountant gave you a call sometime?"
  • "Bruno : Well I was just calling to see if you'd be available for lunch sometime this week."
  • "I said we should date. Sometime."

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