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a (natural water) source: a point of origin or generation (for natural water)
This planet has lots of food sources: trees, plants, rivers, etc.

a source of (income, information): a way of generating or creating (money, revenue); a place where (information) comes from
Pronunciation examples
UK: Singing on the metro is my only source of income.
US: There is nothing like water from a natural water source.


  • "Thursday : Sources report that the jet setting juice juggernaut was partying hard in the underwater city of Atlantis , riding sea horses and organizing illegal dolphin fights."
  • "Kevin : My boss will be thrilled that we've found a manufacturing source which meets all international labor standards and produces everything we need for so little!"
  • "These days, people are shopping and banking online, instant messaging from mobile phones, posting status updates through Spitter, blogging, vlogging (or better yet mobile vlogging), aggregating news from various sources and perfecting their profiles on popular social networking sites."
  • "" (source: The San Francisco Leftist Militant Worker)"
  • "" (source: CNN news)"
  • "If Gidyeon decides to slash his prices again, I promise you that we will no longer do business with him, and we will consider legal action against him. I've learned from my sources that this liquidation sale was only advertised online for a few days, and that the page views on the website were modest, so I hope that your sales weren't adversely affected."
  • "Brian : Our sources tell us that just minutes before Stink's corpse was discovered by Bruno, you were seen in the sales department!"
  • "(source: Fox News)"
  • "" (source: my spies)"
  • "Although the media has been banned from the meetings, sources have reported yelling, dogs barking, and numerous bottles breaking during the negotiations."

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