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(to make, to deliver) a speech: (to give) a public talk, a lecture


  • "You know how these things work: I'll give a little speech to introduce everyone and set the mood, then our C."
  • "It's because of teachers like you that I'm giving this speech today."
  • "And I was giving the speech for our graduating class."
  • "Warbuckle III will deliver a keynote speech entitled 'The importance of networking in business'."
  • "This speech is a tradition that was started by my father, K-k-k-k- King George."
  • "In a speech to the House of Commons, Sir Bear called into question the accepted science that the emission of greenhouse gasses is contributing to global warming."
  • "In fact, you're as bad as some of my speech therapy patients, mmkay?"
  • "Dr. Loblaw : Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the scientific study of anomalous speech patterns, also known as the 'crazy accent contest'."
  • "Welcome to my Christmas speech."
  • "The presents will be handed out by 'Santa' just before Bruno's speech at the party on the 22nd of December."

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