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to stay (here): to remain, to stop, to continue to be (here)
I'm going to be staying in France an extra week.

to stay (at the hotel), to stay (with Susie): to sleep, to temporarily live (at the hotel, at Susie's house)
I'm staying at my Aunt's house until I find my own home.

a stay: a visit, a holiday


  • "Brian, well you just stay there and make stupid comments."
  • "Waiter : If you want to stay, you must sing."
  • "Namely, should the company stay in the hands of this pitiful excuse for a human being, Bruno Delavigne-"
  • "Mr. Delavigne, staying at a fancy hotel and not at the Olympic village, was the only surviving competitor."
  • "We will be staying in rustic-style log cabins at the Luxor Lakes Resort and Casino."
  • "Jean : Poor Philip, I would stay and comfort you, but I have to go."
  • "Wednesday : The bad boy of smoothies allegedly stayed in for a quiet night, with pizza and a DVD."
  • "And will they be staying with us for dinner?"
  • "I have some roommates staying here right now."
  • "We sincerely hope that your stay at the Center for Rest and Peace is going tranquilly, and that you are enjoying the myriad rewards of our relaxing retreat."

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