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(Stand) still: (Stand) without moving
adjective, adverb
It was still all through the house. It was quiet, without movement in all of the house.

(I am) still (hungry): (I) remain, continue to be (hungry)
Despite her accident, Luna still comes to work by bicycle.
Bob is still waiting for his server to arrive: he ordered it 3 months ago.

Still, (it's the thought that counts!): However, nonetheless, but (it's the thought that counts!)


  • "I had no idea that mining for gold was still a viable economic avenue."
  • "First of all, you'll be happy to know that despite Bruno's absence, our shareholders still have confidence in us."
  • "Though you still show much difficulty respecting our ‘no touching' rule, you have demonstrated great progress in the following areas"
  • "Robots are still thriving at the Delavigne Corp, doing our jobs better than us."
  • "I still have some pimples though."
  • "Let me see if I can still 'parler un petite peu'."
  • "I'd still vote for him."
  • "Still, there is hope for the human resistance: Edward and I have kidnapped the most important and handsome robot - BrianBot!"
  • "Philip : That's still one."

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