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the stock market: the stock exchange (where parts of the ownership of companies are bought and sold)


  • "Susie : As a matter of fact Philip, since you insist on making this a financial issue: immediately after the public became aware of their labor practices, their stock dropped 44% despite a booming stock market."
  • "The stock market seems to be reacting as well: Delavigne shares have risen 7 and three-quarter points since yesterday's announcement."
  • "Bruno : I understand how the stock market works, Ira."
  • "we'll take the last third and invest in the stock market!"
  • "First of all, sales forecasts aren't an exact science, nor is the stock market, and I never guaranteed anything."
  • "Hannah : But why are you investing in a pop group and not something more sensible like the stock market?"
  • "Our strategy won't be dictated to us by the stock market, and I won't be influenced by someone checking his Raspberry for quotes every five minutes."

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