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a story: a report of past events; a fable for example in a book for children (like "Beauty and The Beast")
Note the plural form: stories.

My mother always read me a story before I went to sleep.

a story (in a newspaper): an article, a report, a write up (in a newspaper)


  • "Danica : Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I'd like to begin with a story, if you'll permit."
  • "her story immediately entered national folklore."
  • "Brian, Jean, listen to this crazy story!"
  • "The press will soon lose interest in this story."
  • "Second of all, you're ruining my story, and third of all, I need to drink a gallon of beer just to tolerate you."
  • "In the Sports section, stories of steroid abuse."
  • "Mentally, it's a completely different story."
  • "It's the story of a young girl, growing up in a land, well, a land down under."
  • "Hey, do you guys want to hear this story or not?"
  • "The truth is actually a long and relatively boring story that I will now tell you."

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