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a strategy: a plan, a scheme, an approach, a system, tactics

strategically: according to a plan, using a particular approach; cleverly

strategic: deliberate, relating to a plan or approach


  • ""The shift to a new logo symbolizes the strategic transformation under way at Delavigne Corp."
  • "" in Strategic Marketing."
  • "Let's talk strategy!"
  • "To this end, I have a plan, and I would like to present my placement strategy to you at my earliest possible convenience!"
  • "Bruno : Okay Icarus, I'm ready to hear about your strategy, but I'm worried it's going to be boring."
  • "Champion of client relations and B2B strategy innovator"
  • "While other airlines set ticket prices for their flights, Mile High Airways has devised a new pricing strategy called "Fare's fair"."
  • "3.46PM - Susie Bliss and Philip Cheeter have strategy meeting."
  • "This success is a testament to the solid nature of our business model, the flawless implementation of our strategies, the hard work of our staff, and the excellent quality of our products."
  • "Not only will the collection class up our offices considerably, but I hope it will also become a cornerstone of our future corporate investment strategy."

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