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strict: austere, harsh, stern, rigorous, rigid

strictly: austerely, rigidly, severely, sternly; purely, exclusively
Our conversations are strictly professional. They are purely based on business.


  • "As this is an official FBI matter, please observe strict protocol for discretion and confidentiality."
  • "Dr. Badguy : Strictly business."
  • "Strictly business, I assure you."
  • "I think that the immigration laws in America are too strict!"
  • "Through the help of my personal trainer and spiritual guru, Philip Cheeter, I have discovered the benefits of a strict nutritional regimen and regular physical fitness."
  • "Donna : Mr. Cheeter, for the record let me state that my interest in you is strictly professional."
  • "Here at Delavigne we have a very strict policy of informality."
  • "It would be strictly off the record."
  • "Philip : I am indeed lucky to have met a woman who shares my love of feminist literature, my strict vegetarian diet and above all, who shares my belief in a monogamous marriage built on celibacy."
  • "Susie : If you consider the dangers of questionable labor practices strictly from a financial perspective, you'll find that continuing to exploit cheap labor sources is extremely risky."

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