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a suit: smart clothes worn by business people, usually consisting of trousers and a jacket (often with a tie)
Suit also means "lawsuit", which is a court case or a legal battle.

a skirt suit: smart business clothing for women made up of a jacket and skirt
Pronunciation examples
UK: Oh my! That's a very smart suit.
US: I'm not sure - does it suit me?


  • "I am looking for a new suit."
  • "Philip : Nina, when will the suit be ready?"
  • "And as long as I've got my suit and tie"
  • "A bespoke suit speaks volumes about the man wearing it."
  • "Wearing this suit actually makes me feel like a better person."
  • "The idea is that a man can create a sense of untouchable, unquestionable power around himself simply by wearing the perfect suit: colleagues fear him, bosses respect him and clients trust him. All this, thanks to his suit."
  • "The "power suit", the suit which gives its wearer a feeling of power and superiority, is back."
  • "Brian : Puke on your suit!"
  • "That's a wonderful suit."

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