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a summary: a synopsis, an outline, a rundown, a review
Do you have a summary of yesterday's meeting? I just need to know the basic points.

summary: concise, brief, condensed, compact
Here's a summary report on last year's profits. It's only an outline, but gives you the important information.


  • "That was a summary of the major events of the last month."
  • "Below you will find a summary of Delavigne Corporation's financial results for the first half of this year."
  • "Further to our conversation, here is a brief summary of the current policy you hold with Ouch Insurance."
  • "Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Summary"
  • "Below is a summary of the falls"
  • "A quick summary"
  • "That's a summary of my requests."
  • "Here is a brief summary of the supplementary charges we are currently paying to our bank Huckster and Hoodwink: wire and stock transaction fees, telephone consultation fees, online banking fees, and service charges on all of our accounts."

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